How To Choose The Best Lawn Mower For Your Yard

How To Choose The Best Lawn Mower For Your Yard

It’s that time of the year when your lawn needs proper tending. What plans do you have in place to keep your yard in its best shape?

You cannot separate a good lawnmower from a healthy and well-groomed yard. Though some belief mowing to be a way of exercising and can do it for hours, others can’t wait to be done with it. Whichever category you fall into, you must choose the right mower for your yard if you must keep it looking perfectly maintained. Meanwhile, this is an informative article that will help you choose rightly.

Different Lawn Mower Options

There are various types of mowers. However, the kind that will fit your yard best is, to a great degree, determined by these three factors: the terrain level of your land (flat or hilly), the size of your lawn (small, medium or big) and the type and quantity of obstacles in it (flower beds, trees etc.).

1. Push Mowers

push mowerPush Mowers are especially suitable for small lawns that need a little love and attention. A many reel mower can easily be used to mow any tiny grass patch that is less than 500 square feet. This mower has no engine and is therefore not costly to maintain. However, you have to move very fast to get the grass cut accurately. This machine is also eco-friendly, and you can store it against a wall in a vertical position.

2. Walk-Behind Mowers

walk behind lawn mowerFor many years, walk behind lawn mowers have been cherished and preferred among American yard owners. This is not only because they offer various options, but also because they are quite effective and will last for many years if maintained properly. Walk-behind mowers have two-stroke powered engines and come in 20″-22″ sizes. The professional lawn mower is another walk behind lawn mower that many people find it. According to Gardengrower, you can check the best professional lawn mower UK here.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Walk-Behind Lawn Mower

When selecting a walk-behind mower, there are various considerations you have to make. An example of this is your shed door or yard gate width. If the door is too small for the machine to pass through, it might become a problem. Other factors include:

Gas or Electric

Gas and electric mowers have certain peculiarities. While gas mowers can function for an indefinite time length as far as gasoline is available, their electric counterpart is limited by certain things like cords or exhausted battery. However, gas mowers are somewhat messy, and their maintenance cost is on the high side.

Push or Self-Propelled

This is yet another vital factor to consider. Even if you decide to go with the self-propelled variant, you still need to choose between two-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. While all-wheel drive tends to offer more assistance as you go up inclines, they are somewhat bulky and can prove quite tricky to drag around. The Poulan Pro model is compact and weighs only 51 lbs. It will work for any small flat yard. If you own a more substantial yard with high inclines, go for a self-propelled lawnmower like the Lawn Boy from Toro.

Cutting type

When it comes to Walk-behind mowers, there are three possible ways in which they clip grass. First, they can spread clippings back onto the lawn, and this is called side discharge. The second is called mulching. It cuts grass into such fine pieces that they break down and nourish the soil. On another hand, the machine can collect clippings into a bag for further disposing of.

Riding Mowers

This mower type is the best option for large, expansive yards. You’ll know you need a riding mower when it takes you up to two hours to mow your lawn. These lawnmowers are characterized by a rear-mounted motor that offers only little in the way of comfort. They cost between $600-$1000.

Lawn Tractor

This is another effective option for large lawns. They are more powerful than riding mowers and offer a wider cutting deck. Some models allow for the attachment of components like aerators and spreaders. Look for features like headlight, four-wheel steering, 12-volt outlets, cruise control, and high rear seats if you plan on buying this mower.

Zero-turn Mowers 

This mower type is more popular among landscapers. They’re the perfect garden tool for maintaining golf courses. They are fast and best for flat lawns, especially those with obstacles. They cost between $2,500 and $12,000.


It is always essential to test as many mowers as possible before buying one. This way, you can compare each option and choose one based on how good the experience it provides is. Meanwhile, don’t forget to get familiar with all the different mower types first.

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